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Selected Milk Short Film Review

★★★ Stars

Written by: #JoséLuisDucid


Against a plain white background stands a one litre carton of milk - block white for the most part but with a blue cap and a blue centre on the larger body of the carton.

“Selected Milk is in the form of a manual for sellers of milk cartons in supermarkets. Meanwhile, the scenes reflect the flashes of life of a potential seller who does not meet the conditions of a milk carton salesman.”

This award-winning film includes many art forms that intertwine together to create the experimental project. It is clear to me that Selected Milk showcases different elements of artistic delivery in a way that is original and incredibly unique.

This short is composed of basically no moving captures, images that reflect each chapter of the film are used instead. Selected Milk is a refreshing watch in this regard because, as you listen to the voiceover monologues, a mental image of what is being discussed is immediately created. The audience is thrust into a separate cage of emotions with each chapter/section that is introduced throughout; each one of these holding a linked sense of powerful impact on the viewer due to the running theme of personal perspective discussed in the monologues, but the content beyond that creates a different view in the mind every time. These distinct worlds could easily appear in black and white but thanks to the great voiceover work (Richard Hotz, Silvana Sieiro) splashes of colour are added neatly inside the drawn outlines.

The writing (José Luis Ducid) of the monologues themselves is simply stunning. They immerse you into their poetic nature yet, once again, each has its own understanding of a poetic approach to writing. Some sections radiate a calmer poetic context, whereas some appear more aggressive - as if each section has its own personality to make it distinctive. The diversity shown through artistic ability in Selected Milk is brilliant and, although I’ve mentioned a lot about the many differences to explore in this short film, everything still runs alongside one another in an orderly fashion that fits the film’s overall style.

Using the idea of a manual for sellers of milk cartons to portray an array of life stories is totally unequalled. Reading the synopsis before watching doesn’t give you any insight into the content you are about to be given as an audience member and I love being surprised in that way. Taking views of the world and certain events that occur - discussions which you can also delve much deeper into - and doing so without acquiring particular sway is a skill in itself. Selected Milk seems to bypass pointed ridicule and takes a route of reciting from the heart and memory rather than handing over straight statements to the audience. Without the main focus of bias involved, it links better with the use of a manual. Quite frankly, I’m amazed at this connection.

To describe the connection of manual and life, in terms of giving no spoilers and putting forward the idea that I personally took away from the film, I shall say this in conclusion: a manual is meant to support the salesperson rather than to clearly instruct step-by-step statements. It would be impossible to act upon rooted steps in a robotic fashion. Following the manual is necessary but your own knowledge and experience in life are needed to meet the required standards. Now pause for a moment... is there a strict manual for life, or is there just an idea of what it should or could be like?

Check out the trailer for Selected Milk here.



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