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Seher - Short Film Review


Directed by #SachinAggarwal


Directed by Sachin Aggarwal, Seher is a short film about a taxi driver (Deepankar Singh) who meets a woman named Seher (Navjeet Sandhu) as he aims to drive her to her destination without realising he would face some issues along the way.

Watching this short film, the audience would learn about the Seher’s job which would make them wonder why she is going to her destination. The audience also learns some of the issues that the taxi man is going through which could make the audience question his lifestyle. The film was left on a cliff hanger which is a useful way to engage with the audience as it allows them to make assumptions on the relationship between Seher and the taxi man.

From the beginning of the film, the audience gains an understanding on the taxi man’s character such as him having trouble with money which is noticed from when the audience first sees him interact with another character, the taxi owner.

When watching the short film, the audience would question the taxi drivers background. During the film the audience meets the taxi driver’s brother where he asks to lend him some money, this can also question the taxi driver’s character. Seher’s characters comes across intelligent and confident this is noticed when the audience witnesses her fixing the taxi when it breaks down. This again can make the audience question her past, how does she know how to fix a car, would her fixing a car be relevant to the rest of the film?

In the film, there is a use of a Hindi poem towards the end, the use of the poem enhances the effect on the scene. This can be a way to identify the director’s creativity. At the beginning of the film the camera captures the taxi driver in his flat from an angle where the audience can see the other flats next to him, which is as an interesting and creative idea for the audience to get a small understanding of the taxi driver’s character.

Performance wise, all the actors did a good job with the way they portrayed their characters. When watching the film, the audience will learn that the director likes to focuses on how he can affect the audience with the decisions he makes when creating the film. The script was interesting as it would leave the audience with many questions. This film is worth the watch.

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