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Save Jane film review


Directed by: Daniel John Peters

Written by: Daniel John Peters

Starring: Eve Gordon, Adam Bennett, Mike Sengelow, Catherine Hayes

Poster for Save Jane showing protagonist.
Poster for Save Jane

After experiencing unbearable tragedies, a woman's life rapidly falls apart.

Jane (Gordon) and Rob (Bennett) are a couple and they are expecting their first child. One night, they rush to the hospital as Jane is about to give birth. Once there, Rob has to drive back to the house to get her overnight bag. On his way back to the hospital he is involved in a collision. Meanwhile, Jane gives birth and is informed that her baby did not survive and that Rob was killed in the car crash. She is devastated and her life proceeds to deteriorate. Torn apart by her devastating losses, she appears to care about nothing and sinks deeper and deeper into a dark place.

This dark, poignant drama explores how tragedy can change a person's life forever very quickly and the psychological effects that person goes through as a result. After the two losses, everything stops for Jane. The happy future she envisioned disappears and she is left with nothing, no hope or will to do anything apart from mourn. She distances herself from everyone, refuses any sort of help and becomes depressed, suicidal, aggressive and an alcoholic. There are no signs that she will find the strength to overcome her emotional wounds.

As the title character, Gordon delivers a brilliant performance as a woman whose life is turned upside down so tragically and rapidly and it is heartbreaking watching her become a completely different individual, one filled with grief, anger and sadness. Gordon brings to life the negative emotions that her character goes through very vividly. Bennett is convincing in his supporting role

The film includes flashbacks that depict the couple's past joy, showing various moving stages of their time together, including Rob learning about the pregnancy, the two of them preparing for the baby's arrival and how they met. All these scenes become painful to watch, as it is already known that their dreams of a life together will not come true.

Peters is also the composer and the soundtrack consists of intense electronic music, grim electronic music and sad guitar music, all of which provide a downbeat feeling. The cinematography looks great and is also by Peters and so is the sound design, which includes well constructed sounds of rain and heartbeats. There are also sequences where slow motion is utilized effectively.

Save Jane is a distressing story about a woman's journey of self-destruction. It presents in detail how a person's life can be destroyed by tragic events. It is not an easy watch, but it is a watch worth experiencing.



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