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Saturday short film

Directed by Phillip Crosby

Starring Shanice Stewart Jones, Alan Thorpe, Dan March, Lainey Shaw, Kathryn Worth

Short Film Review by Rachel Pullen

Saturday short film review

The evolution of man is something we have all pondered about, whether you be of the scientific persuasion, believing that we developed from apes, or you might indulge in the idea that a divine invisible being designed two of us and said not to eat any candy apples count?

Well wonder no more fair reader because Phillip Crosby brings you his latest short film Saturday, an exploration into the frustrations that God and his angels felt whilst creating Adam and Eve.

This comedic piece is shot with documentary styling, think The Office but with more white clothing, where we see a collection of God’s employees discussing some the issues that they faced when helping to build man, be it from misplacement of limbs to testing whether he could withstand fire or drowning.

From the start this is a very well-written and funny short film, employing that classic British style of comedy, subtle and not too in your face, the jokes are well timed and well thought out, making not only good laugh out loud moments but the kind of ones that also make you think about the subject at hand.

Colour plays an obvious but important role in Saturday as a short film, everything is of course white, fulfilling that childhood ideal of what heaven as well as angels would look like, maybe angels didn’t have a brummie accent but you get the idea, this obvious choice almost adds to the comedic effect as Crosby pokes fun at all those interesting Christian beliefs that have been around for thousands of years.

But that’s where the genius lies, we see these angels working hard all in their white garments but surrounded by working class situations, be it in a factory or a bit more white collar and sat behind a desk taking calls from customers or prayers as they are referred too.

Watching the so-called creation of man played out within such humble settings makes us think, did God have a staff of people on the case? Were they all sat around a glass conference table eating Oreos deciding where boobs were gonna go? Are we all a product of a think tank session?

Witty, smart and thought-provoking, Saturday is a must see for anyone who enjoys religious based comedy...maybe not one for the Mormons though.



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