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Sí Short Film Review


Directed by: #MartinPonferrada


Sí explores the topic of sexual consent between two people and the debate regarding power of the word ‘yes,’ or Sí in this instance. Characters Anita and Carlos meet at a bar and hit it off instantly, so much so, Anita decides to invite Carlos back to her place. The look of passion between the two is undoubtedly fuelled with sexual tension and desire, they look like a perfect match for one another. However, as the two enjoy a night cap at Anita’s apartment, the conversation takes a sudden unexpected turn. Anita makes a flippant comment of a time she had been spiked and left stranded alone with no money and had potentially been sexually abused. Carlos’ body language stiffens after learning about this traumatic event in Anita’s life and questions whether his actions are moral and begins to shy away from any possibility of moving their relationship forward in a sexual way, through fear that he is taking advantage of Anita.

This short film focuses primarily on the characters, their responses and body language towards one another, as well as this heavy conversation of what defines consent. The characters go back and forth on what constitutes as consent and can you take away someone’s power if they have provided you with their consent and you decide to take the offer off the table. Are you then removing the person’s power and disregarding their emotions and feelings? It is a complex subject, especially for men that want to do the right thing and want to make sure that their partner is comfortable throughout any form of sexual contact.

As this short was centred around this consent discussion, it can be considered lacking in some areas such as location or perhaps even editing and cinematography. It may have been interesting to have flashbacks for Anita as she speaks of her past in order to add another layer to the storyline, and to highlight the seriousness of this trauma and what she has experienced. However, the acting between the characters were perfectly executed, and you could really invest in the emotion playing out on screen.

This short was interesting as it forces the audience to take a step back and reflect on what they believe is true consent. It is great to have debate within film, it makes you walk away and think about the two characters, who would you side with and why? It is especially interesting as well because these types of subjects are not raised enough within society and really should be because they are important and can define this idea of boundary and or breaking these boundaries within a relationship.


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