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Rogue Hostage film review


Directed by: Jon Keeyes

Written by: Mickey Solis

Starring: Tyrese Gibson, Chris Backus, John Malkovich, Luna Lauren Velez, Holly Taylor, Carlos Sanchez, Zani Jones Mbayise


Rogue Hostage (2021) Film Review

Rogue Hostage Movie Poster
Rogue Hostage Movie Poster

A group of heavily armed men take several people hostage inside a large store and it is up to former soldier Kyle Snowden (Gibson) to stop them.

Having gone through a harrowing experience during combat, while serving in the army as a marine, Kyle is now a single father to Angel (Mbayise) and works in child protection services. His stepfather is Congressman Sam Nelson (Malkovich), who is attending an event at a store that he owns. During the crowded event, masked people armed with guns and bombs capture Nelson and several others. They accuse the politician of wrongdoing and demand that his actions are disclosed to the public or else they will detonate the explosives they have set up in the building. Meanwhile, Kyle finds himself caught in the middle of everything and he (along with the help of others) must fight back and rescue the hostages.

This action thriller has a plot that has been seen many times before: bad guys take over a location, take hostages and the tough hero must save the day. This is a narrative seen in great action films such as Die Hard, however, Rogue Hostage lacks originality and is rather predictable. There are elements often seen in movies like this one such as a main character who has a troubled past. There are several silly parts, such as characters acting foolishly in life-threatening situations and the villains act rather stupidly, even for an action film.

As far as the acting goes, it is generally not very convincing by most of the protagonists, particularly as they act cool while their lives are being threatened and tell silly jokes. Gibson does an OK job as a good man who has suffered a lot, however, it is Backus who steals the show as the dangerous, psychotic leader of the bad guys.

The feature does have its flaws but it does offer enjoyment. A hostage-taking story is often interesting and there is plenty of hand-to-hand fighting, shooting and nail-biting moments. It is also amusing watching the good guys gaining the upper hand over their captors. The tense score by Benjamin Weinman supports the scenes well and adds value to the film.

This movie is by no means a must-see and it feels too short. However, if one feels like spending an hour and a half watching something that does not require a great deal of thought and allows them to just sit back and enjoy, then Rogue Hostage might be worth their while.

Rogue Hostage is on Digital and DVD 26 July



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