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Replica short film


Directed by: Sanket Durshettiwar Starring: Dipti Salunkhe Short Film Review by: Owen Herman


Replica short film review


With little dialogue and few characters Replica manages to tell a powerful and tragic story. Director Sanket Durshettiwar manages to build an atmosphere and use visual storytelling to convey a devastating message about the harsh lives that some live.

Tejas Padave provides the music for this short film, an almost ever-present score that evokes the feeling of hardship. The atmosphere this score creates early on allows the viewer to get a sense of the world they are watching without the need for exposition. We are immediately introduced to a mother, played by Dipti Salunkhe, who wanders the street with her goods, trying to get enough money to pay for her son’s treatment. Replica sets up its story simply and effectively, something which can be difficult to achieve in such a short runtime.

Replica’s devastating twist is set up as an act of kindness, leading to a much bigger impact. The message Durshettiwar is trying to convey is immediately clear with the blunt and sudden nature of the film’s biggest moment. Rather like the films early set up, its late shift is achieved mostly through visual storytelling. A simple cut away shot is all that is needed to portray the film’s dark and upsetting message.

Some sharper editing is perhaps all that is needed to improve this well-crafted short. Durshettiwar understands the power of cinema, and uses it extremely well.



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