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Remember Me- Film Review


Directed by #AllenCoulter


Directed by Allen Coulter, Remember Me is a film about a young student Tyler (Robert Pattinson) who struggles to face reality after experiencing a traumatic event. When he meets a young girl Ally (Emilie De Ravin), the two realise they are not that different from each other especially when the audience learns that Ally has a heart-breaking past of her own. The two build a strong relationship where they help each other deal with their struggles.

The message of the film is to cherish and accept what you have, and to also realise that your past does not define you.

From the beginning of the film the audience will assume how the film will end, however when being introduced to each characters the audience will then question their motives and the plot of the film which isn’t a bad thing as it leaves the audience interested. The film flows well and includes mind blowing plot twist at the end which will leave the audience feeling a certain type of way.

Tyler can be seen as a loving, caring and sensitive boy. He can also be looked at as “messy” as he is clearly still affected by his past. Tyler loves those around him however sometimes his actions can lead to some consequences. In the film the audience gains an understanding of the relationship between Tyler and his Father Charles (Pierce Brosnan) who seems to be more interested in his work than his own family. Charles’ place of work is very important and significant as it relates the heart-breaking plot twist at the end of the film. When the audience is introduced to Ally, the audience can see that she is a bright intelligent girl who cares very much about her studies, she is very focused on her work. She is also loving and caring especially when her and Tyler’s relationship becomes stronger. Throughout the film the will audience learn about Ally’s past which will make them feel sorry for her.

When watching Remember Me, there are a few significant moments that would affect the audience. The first is the beginning scene, the audience may be confused and would wonder how it relates to the rest of the film, they may seem that they know where the film will lead, however the director has another plan in mind. The second is the ending, leading up to the plot twist, the audience will be shown a few signs that will give away the ending, some audience’s may not realise until the end and some audience’s, who are educated around that event will pick up the pieces and realise how the film will end. The plot twist at the end is not something that the audience will see coming when watching the film, which is an interesting technique that the director used to engage with the audience.

Performance wise, all the actors did a brilliant job, their performances would give an effect on the audience and will make them understand the characters perspective.

Overall the plot can be seen as realistic as its based around a person’s struggles, the plot twist at the end is realistic as well as it is something that had taken place in real life however there are no records of the characters in real life that show they had anything to do with the plot twist.

This film is worth the watch and would recommended for the audience that they may need a tissue box next to them.



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