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Redville film review


Directed by: Sean Cranston

Written by: Sean Cranston, Scott Thomson

Starring: Paul Sacchetti, Scott Thomson, Joe Reilly, Brian Kurtz

Poster for Redville showing film title.
Movie Poster for Redville

After a man's wife passes away, three former friends of his try to be there for him. However things take a rather unexpected and nasty turn.

The story begins with a high school graduation party at a graduate's house, in the town of Redville. The event is attended by several teenagers, including four friends: Tony, Julian, Joe, Brian. Unfortunately a fight breaks out and Tony cuts them out of his life. Twenty years later, Tony is now an author and his wife tragically loses her life in a car accident. His past friends find out and decide to get together and support him during his time of need. This will end up putting all of them at risk.

Redville starts of as a drama and turns into a thriller. It explores themes of adultery, tragedy, murder, revenge and friendship.

The screenplay contains well written dialogue, with interesting characters. There are tense scenes of confrontation, nail-biting sequences and dark humour. It also includes clever plot twists, great character development and ends on a cliffhanger.

Sacchetti delivers an outstanding performance as the adult Tony, who becomes devastated and furious after he learns of his wife's cheating. He turns into a different person, with vengeance in mind. The actors who play his friends also do a great job, with Thomson being the town's mayor, Reilly the bad-tempered car salesman and Kurtz a happy, married man living in California.

Director Cranston does a good job and creates wonderful establishing shots. The editing makes effective uses of split screen and dissolve techniques. The music is engrossing and is atmospheric and tense. The soundtrack consists of many heavy metal songs, which are a joy to listen to (if one fancies that kind of music).

Redville is a film that had a great deal of work put into it. With an intriguing plot and engaging characters, this feature is a must-see.




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