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Recur film review


Directed by: Rinoshun

Written by: Rinoshun

Starring: Rinoshun, Shalmalee, Jerin George

Poster for Recur showing protagonist.
Movie Poster for Recur

Here is a crime thriller, filled with deja vu, criminals, profanity and a man literally talking to himself!

A young criminal named Jeff plans to obtain a lot of money and escape his current life and live happily with the girl he loves. After murdering his associates, he takes the bag containing a large amount of drugs and goes to a room, where he contemplates what he is going to do next. From there things take a turn for the bizarre! Another man enters the room and he is Jeff himself!

The extraordinary twist makes the viewer wonder whether the fact that there are two identical men is in some way real or just the protagonist's imagination.

The majority of the story takes place in that room and using clever camera techniques, the filmmakers make it believable that two identical characters are together in the same room and interacting with each other. And the protagonist's acting also makes it more believable.

In some ways, the narrative resembles Reservoir Dogs (1992). A criminal takes shelter in a place, after having done a bad deed and the main focus is what happens in that place. The fact that there is more than one Jeff is a big part of the plot, but the film also explores the kind of person Jeff is, what he wants to accomplish and his relationship with his girlfriend. There are also scenes that occur more than once, with the events taking place differently each time. This storytelling technique might make the audience think of Groundhog Day (1993).

The film includes quite a few long takes and there are scenes where the hero looks into the camera and addresses the audience.

The feature benefits from an entertaining soundtrack and it is worth mentioning that there is a montage sequence that consists of wonderful drawings.

On the downside, the plot is a bit slow-paced and not very exciting. And the performances give the impression that they could had been better.

Flaws aside, Recur is a well made piece of work and worthy of attention.



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