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GRIMMFEST TV, offers movie entertainment for free while the world is in

lockdown. A new online TV channel dedicated to horror films of all types, through

which viewers can access exciting award-winning features and shorts from the

Grimmfest archives.

GRIMMFEST TV is available at:

New titles are being added every week and this week is no exception. Two

Grimmfest favourites from a few years back, THE CALL OF CHARLIE and BORN

AGAIN go live at Midday, Friday19th June 2020.



Multi-award-winning THE CALL OF CHARLIE is a macabre comedy of manners,

influenced by Luis Buñuel, David Lynch and H.P. Lovecraft. Alternately amusing and



BORN AGAIN is a hilarious social comedy about inept Satanists, who have to deal

with the dire consequences of their demonic ceremony. Bloody Disgusting called it

“A mighty feat for an indie short"


Festival Director Simeon Halligan said “Something a bit lighter this week with two

comedy horrors from the Grimmfest vaults. These two humorous gems will lighten

the tone, God knows we could all do with a laugh right now”.

If you are enjoying watching horror films on Grimmfest TV, please do us a favour and

subscribe to the channel.

GRIMMFEST TV launched in late April and currently hosts nine quality features and

over thirty award-winning shorts, all available to watch for free while we are all stuck

at home. Films include Grimmfest 2018 best short award winner, WE SUMMONED

A DEMON, Grimmfest 2014 hit, WHITE SETTLERS (Staring Pollyanna McIntosh

from The Walking Dead), and the suitably virus themed LA CONTAGION. The most

popular title on the channel so far is the half-hour retro creature feature, LOOM. All

are still available to watch for free right now.



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