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GRIMMFEST TV, offers movie entertainment for free while the world is in

lockdown. A new online TV channel dedicated to horror films of all types, through

which viewers can access exciting award-winning features and shorts from the

Grimmfest archives.

GRIMMFEST TV is available at:



New titles are being added every week and this week is no exception. A new feature

film and short hit GRIMMFEST TV at Midday, Friday 22nd May 2020.


Grimmfest TV is excited to add Grimmfest 2018 selected short film, INSTINCT. This

Psychosexual thriller comes from upcoming Brazilian genre talent Maria Alice Arida.

Maria Alice Arida's Brazilian short film, Instinct

The channel will also add feature film, THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON KIRBY

ROAD from director Stu Stone. This supernatural thriller follows a group of twenty-somethings, who set out to discover if an urban myth of a haunted house holds any


Supernatural thriller, The Haunted House on Kirby Road

Festival Director Simeon Halligan said “If, like us, you love horror movies, then

Grimmfest TV is for you. We have hand-picked a fine selection of shorts and

features from the Grimmfest archive and given them a new online platform where

everyone can enjoy them for free while in lockdown. There’s some really cool award-

winning indie horror and fantasy films available right now and we urge you to check

them out.”

GRIMMFEST TV launched with a fine selection of over 25 short films and 7 features

including Grimmfest 2018 best short award winner, WE SUMMONED A DEMON,

Grimmfest 2014 hit, WHITE SETTLERS (Staring Pollyanna McIntosh from The

Walking Dead), and the suitably virus themed LA CONTAGION. The most popular

title on the channel so far is the half-hour retro creature feature, LOOM. All are still

available to watch for free right now.



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