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Plastic Boy indie film review


Directed by: Sam Plommer

Written by: Sam Plommer

Starring: Sam Plommer, Sofie Bland, Ross McNamara, Sam Toller


Sam Plommer writes, directs and stars in Plastic Boy, a comedy, drama film that focuses on a gay man and his relationships with the people around him.

Sam (Plommer) is a naive, insecure, aimless, homosexual man who works as an office assistant for a designer company. He dislikes his job but does not know how to move on and do something else. He shares a flat with his friend Zoe (Sofie Bland) and is in a romantic relationship with Max (Sam Toller), although at the same time he finds himself attracted to co-worker Lawrence (Ross McNamara) and makes attempts to be with him even though Lawrence does not feel the same way. Sam ends up losing his job, being evicted from his flat and terminating his romance with Max. Sam is a guy who means well, however he struggles to get along with people and does not seem to have found his purpose in life.

Plommer created a screenplay that contains interesting characters, whose lives and situations are well explored. He effectively placed these characters in scenes with clever dialogue that often involves adult humor, embarrasing situations and funny and awkward conversations. He also brings sufficient character development to the protagonist and the supporting cast. He wrote a story that revolves around self-discovery because the main character attempts to find meaning in his life.

Plommer delivers a very entertaining performance in his portrayal of a man who appears to be socially awkward, slightly childish and does not appear to take matters very seriously. He generally makes his character seem likeable and the audience wants him to succeed. The rest of the protagonists are equally amusing and do a great job in bringing their characters to life.

The film also deserves recognition for its direction and interesting, enjoyable soundtrack, that successfully accompanies the mood of the situations.

Plommer has clearly put a lot of passion into this project and has developed a feature filled with clever and cheeky humor and well-developed characters and the viewers are most likely to be entertained.



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