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Our Father's Cabin short film review


Directed by: #JonOlavStokke

Short Film Review by: #AlexandraJames


Our Father's Cabin short movie poster
Our Father's Cabin short movie poster
Our Father’s Cabin conjures both a warm and melancholy viewing experience.

This film follows two brothers who have a volatile relationship but are brought together, on tragic terms, by the death of their father and the burying of his ashes.

Final goodbyes play a crucial role within this film, and produce a moving piece which makes for a bittersweet ending that entices the audience and leaves not a dry eye in the house.

It was interesting to see the disjointed relationship between two brothers. The bickering and the snapping, even lashing out at each other in fights makes it easier for the viewer to connect to the two characters. It portrays a more realistic side of family relationships, one which does not mask unstable relationships or friction within the family unit.

I found this piece extremely tragic in a sense. Both actors were great at showing this uncomfortable, reluctant side to being in each other’s company. As well as portraying the difficulty in breaking down that macho/ masculine persona and showing a more emotional side to men. One which has no choice but to be exposed when it comes to losing a loved one and having to deal with the hardships of burying their own father’s ashes.

This certainly made the short film a compelling view, as the typical reaction an audience often sees with the loss of a loved one is hurt and upset. However, there was a mixture of emotions between the two characters and their reactions came across very cold. This automatically grips you and forces the audience to contemplate the underlying issues which surround the family, specifically the brothers’ relationship.

This short is subtitled but don’t let a little bit of reading deter you! The film is shot against a natural and serene countryside, dark and ominous with thick fog weaving its way through every crevice. The #cinematography cannot be faulted, and it was enjoyable to look over the surroundings which cleverly fed into the storyline itself. An isolated setting bringing together two distant siblings who are in desperate need to work through their differences.

The ending, although sad, was a beautiful way to finish and felt very innovative because there was no over explanation of sorts or an in your face ending. It was subtle and touching and complemented the tone of the overall film flawlessly which was incredibly refreshing.

All in all a lovely short film to watch which ticks a lot of boxes in terms of cinematography, location, acting and even storyline. An all-rounder if you like, that will keep you intrigued from start to finish.


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