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Orphyr short film

Written and Directed by Jonathan Degrelle

Starring Corinne Masiero, Stéphane Ropa

Short Film Review by Rachel Pullen

Orphyr short film review

Based on a book called the ‘’The Green Lady Tales’’, short film Orphyr is the story of a man who discovers a donkey that poops gold...interested? should be.

Following the life of a young man called Orphyr, this short film tells the tale of how unconditional kindness and love will be rewarded, even when you feel everyone is against you.

Orphyr is an innocent, kind and giving, so much so that in the opening of the movie, our leading man shares his wages with a little girl living on the street so that she can afford herself some food, upon receiving this act of kindness, she quickly turns into the green lady who rewards him with...a gold pooping donkey.

Now many of you may be thinking that the ridiculous nature of this donkey and his internal money bank is enough to put you off the piece but you would be silly to think that. Orphyr was designed to be a children’s film, helping young minds see the power of kindness as well as nature, but that’s not to say adults should steer clear, in fact I believe it to be more of an influence on us more mature folk, we could all learn to be a little more kind, let’s face facts.

Well it’s not long before or kind-hearted Orphyr is screwed over by the selfish and heartless folk in his town, but Orphyr continues to not be phased, offering up kindness to the nature around and so continues to be rewarded by the green lady.

Everything about this film is beautiful, Degrelle has made some fantastic choices in regards to colour, the audience is flooded with rich golds and greens, spring time tones that give the film a sense of warmth and serenity.

This adds to the already stimulating location choices used, that throw us deep into the storyline, creating an atmosphere that makes Orphyr stand out from the crowd.

This is Degrelle’s first film, from a directing as well as written point of view, and if that is the case he is definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye on, if Degrelle can produce something so seamless and stunning on his first try I am excited to see what he could produce after say 10 years in the business.

This is a film not to be overlooked and is something that has something for everyone to enjoy, and that is hard to achieve for a short piece...kudos to you Degrelle.


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