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One Last Bite short film review


Directed by: John Ferrer

Written by: Harry Metcalfe, John Ferrer

Starring: Rebecca Von Nielsen, Ellis Smith

Poster for One Last Bite showing protagonists.
Movie Poster for One Last Bite

A zombie apocalypse is taking place and a couple are fighting for survival. Here is a short that is bound to appeal to fans of Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Braindead (1992).

The opening scene does not reveal that this is a film about the undead. The couple are in the countryside, having a picnic, talking about how to use a switchblade, then along comes a zombie. As the man attempts to deal with it, he is hit by a car. He wakes later, suffering from amnesia. The woman has brought him into a barn and set up a fancy table for them, like they are in a restaurant. The man has forgotten about the outbreak and believes that the two of them are out on a date. The woman happily encourages that attempts to have a cheerful time with him, while at the same time fighting of the zombies that are nearby.

This comedy horror film is a rollercoaster ride of laughs, gore and zombie-killing and it never loses its ability to entertain. It is a very fun film to watch.

The two leads are the only 'humans' seen in the film and they deliver very amusing performances. Nielsen is rather funny as she massacres the zombies one minute and the next she puts on a happy, optimistic face, while she is talking to her boyfriend. She is a nice, sweet person but can also be brave and fight for her life. Smith is also comical as the young man who loses his memory and becomes oblivious to the danger. The actors who play the zombies portray them as they are often seen in other films, and they do it very well: they move slowly, dragging their feet, making disturbing sounds, put on frightening face expressions and are covered in blood.

There are plenty of elements that are often in zombie films. Zombies all over the place, survivors avoiding them and of course eliminating them, a great deal of blood. The story also examines the relationship between the two protagonists.

The soundtrack is very entertaining, consisting of great tracks and music that is sentimental, tense and dramatic. The filmmakers do a good job with the sound effects when the undead are being butchered, creating gruesome sounds of flesh being torn apart.

Just like the rest of the film, the closing credits are a joy to view. They are blood spattered and the letters are stylized and blink on and off. The sequence also includes shots from outtakes and behind the scenes, that are rather amusing.

There is also a specific scene worth mentioning, during which a missile is coming down from the sky, about cause devastation. It looks quite realistic and creates a dreadful feeling.

One Last Bite is a satire on zombie horror films, with plenty of dark humour and comical violence. The characters are interesting and the humour is clever. The highlights occur when the woman is comically battling the undead. It offers a ride full of laughter and adds a bit of romance.



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