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One For The Ditch short film review


Directed by: Louis Maxwell, David Gilna

Written by: David Gilna

Starring: Tony Cash, Jane Brennan, David Gilna, Wayne Lynch

Poster for One For The Ditch showing animation.
Poster for One For The Ditch

An emotional story about an elderly widower struggling to come to terms with his wife's passing.

Tony (Cash) has lost his beloved wife Jackie (Brennan). He spends a great deal of time by himself, listening to birds chirping. One day, his son David (Gilna) pays him a visit and asks him to go with him to the local tavern, as he has something for him. Tony agrees and in turns out that something is a letter from Jackie for Tony.

This wonderful short drama brings together feelings of loss, love, family and support.

The narrative is set during the Covid-19 pandemic and it is indicated that Jackie lost her life due to the virus.

The cast deliver moving performances. Cash is very convincing as a grieving widower and it is sentimental watching him sitting on a bench in his garden by himself and pretending that Jackie is sitting next to him and he is talking to her. Gilna is great as the supportive son, who cares deeply for his father and wants to make sure that he is doing OK. Brennan's performance exists as a voice-over, bringing to life the words written on the letter and her words are tender and full of emotion. She begs Tony not to forget about those who love him and assures him that she will always be with him. Listening to her kind words while Tony reads them with a sad look on his face and while David walks in a cemetery to place flowers at her grave is quite touching.

Although the main subject is grief, the film ends on an uplifting note. Having read the letter, Tony appears to have an epiphany and realizes that he still has plenty of good things in his life.

Regarding the audio, there is no music throughout, apart from the end credits during which the song Home by Ryan Sheridan ends the film beautifully.

One For The Ditch looks at the effects a person's death has on people, but also shows that people need each other's support in order to get through hard times. Very well acted, with an emotional script, this achievement deserves praise and recognition.



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