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One Day at the Museum short film

Directed by: Patcharaphon Napapornpipat Written by: Patcharaphon Napapornpipat Starring: Chananat Nimbuatong Short Film Review by: Evie Brudenall


1 Day at the Museum short film review

A young man meanders around a museum. He’s solitary and the entirety of the museum seems similarly abandoned. He doesn’t shield himself behind a smartphone or a gadget and he completely immerses himself in the experience, thus allowing the audience to as well.

One Day at the Museum is shot and captured beautifully in black and white; the camera lingers over the museum’s exhibits and numerous displays and as the young man becomes engrossed in deep thought, stock footage of technological moments and advancements in history is played.

An aviator plane ascends off the ground. A vinyl record turns slowly. A rocket ship is launched into space. Hundreds of concert goers revel in live music. A young child licks an ice cream cone. All of these visuals serve as a reminder of the incredible work and inventions of mankind. The score, composed by Peter Roe, that accompanies the swelling and moving montage is perfectly matched and procures the feeling of awe and pride in what we have achieved over the years. Although the facts that are presented during the end credits are shocking, they will hopefully prompt its audience to take action so we can continue creating.

Comparable to Samsara (2011) in many ways, One Day at the Museum marvels at our achievements but won’t let us forget about the work that needs to be done to secure our future.



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