On My Own short film review

Updated: Jul 25, 2020


Directed by: #KristianYoung

Starring: #AnthonyLewis and #LeeHunter

Film review by: Brian Penn

So what would you do if you were confronted with someone teetering on the edge of a tall building preparing to jump? Run for help, call the police or try and talk him down. This is the dilemma faced by Terry (Lee Hunter); an ordinary office cleaner who was happily clearing the debris left by passing pigeons. But then comes across Colin (Anthony Lewis), a city trader who has experienced failure for the first time in his life.

For reasons that soon become clear Terry tries to dissuade Colin. He sits down beside him as they look out across the London skyline. The cleaner and trader, at opposite ends of the company explore each other’s lives. Colin seems to have it all; the salary, suit and energy of a young professional. Terry seems content to jog along, covering his expenses and making a bit extra when he can. But is Colin really listening to the refreshing logic of someone whose life seems infinitely simpler. Terry eats his lunch from some tupperware as they discuss the merits of a cheese and ham sandwich.

On My Own is the essence of simplicity and the stuff nightmares are made of; both for the person threatening to jump and the Good Samaritan trying to do the right thing. The story is concise and chimes perfectly with the Every Mind Matters initiative. The interplay between both characters is funny, sad and extremely moving. There are periods of silence within the piece adding elements of reflection. We are indeed complex and too often maintain a stiff upper lip when we should be able to express ourselves honestly. It’s a common on screen scenario shot with panache and sensitivity. Colin could have used a touch more depth as Terry is the character we know better by the end of the piece. Aside from that it’s a smartly written and observed film that deserves much credit.