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Obsessed Film Review

Updated: Jul 31, 2020


Directed by #SteveShill

Written by #DavidLoughery


Obsessed Movie Poster showing Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter
Obsessed Movie Poster

Directed by Steve Shill, Obsessed, tells the story about a married man Derek, (Idris Elba) who becomes friendly with a new young blonde temp, Lisa (Ali Larta) at his work, the two form a neutral friendship, however Derek’s life will soon turn around as he will learn that Lisa is not at all what she seems.

The film begins showing Derek and his wife Sharon (Beyonce Knowles) moving into their new house with their young son, Kyle. When introduced to both characters, the audience gets an insight of their relationship. The audience will see that they are a happy, loving married couple who seem to have their life sorted out. The audience will also learn how the couple met which is significant to the plot of the film. When watching the film, the audience will learn that Derek’s character is intelligent, hard-working, friendly, loves his wife and overall, he is a family man. Sharon’s character comes across as someone who is easily loved, she is loving, smart and will do whatever she neds to do to protect her family especially her son. When being introduced to Lisa, she comes across as someone who is easy to speak to, she is pretty, however the audience will learn that she is manipulative, smart, sensitive and very much deluded.

Derek and Lisa
The first time Lisa shows her true colours

When introduced to Lisa, the use of dramatic sound effects lets the audience know that she is the main character in the film and that she is bad news. Throughout the film the director uses sudden dramatic sound effects to let the audience know when something is about to happen. The use of sound and lighting engaged with the audience as it would make their heart race to what will happen next, this is a way that the film meets with its genre, thriller.

Performance wise all the characters did a great job, their acting brought out a realistic scenario which engaged with the audience. The plot of the film is realistic however when Lisa attempted suicide she was very lucky that it didn’t kill her.

When the audience gets to know Lisa, they would question her back ground, such as if she has a mental illness or if she has done this kind of thing before. The audience would perhaps question if it was a coincidence that Lisa got the job as a temp in Derek’s work place, maybe she had been stalking him before.

When watching Obsessed the director likes to capture a few significant locations, which the audience would learn that they have been shown for a reason, such as the attic in Derek and Sharon’s house.

A significant moment that the camera gradually captures is when Ben (Jerry O’Connell) first mentions to Derek that he thinks that Lisa fancies Derek. The use of the camera movement, sound effect and even the script enhanced the effect on this scene.

This film is worth the watch, it will get the audience heart racing and will leave them with a few questions. As for the audience members who are a Beyonce fan, Obsessed is known for Beyonce’s famous fight scene.


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