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Not the End of the World short film

Written, Directed and Animated by: Jack Bennett

Narrated by: Mike Skinner

Short Film Review by: Hannah Sayer


Not the End of the World short film review

The premise for Jack Bennett’s latest animated short film is a school scenario which will seem familiar to many. Not the End of the World is a genuinely funny and entertaining short film which proves Bennett’s talent for writing, directing and animation.

Not the End of the World follows Joe Connoly (voiced by Chris Ashby) as he wakes up to what he expects to be a normal day at school. The voice-over informs the viewer at the start of the film that Joe still does not have a girlfriend. This is something that becomes of greater importance as the story goes on. It is a usual day in class, where Joe is sat next to his best friend Frisbee, when he receives a note from a secret admirer that reads “I think u r cute”. This mysterious note is met with excitement and curiosity by Joe’s classmates and it leads Joe to try to decipher who the sender can be out of three possible Molly’s. What follows is a comedic tale which takes an unexpected turn for Joe as things don’t turn out as he imagined when he first received the note.

The narration by Mike Skinner throughout Not the End of the World works well in establishing more of a connection for the viewer with the animation, which is not easy to achieve when a film’s running time is only eight minutes. The animation is extremely impressive and the whole look of the film is one of the stand out elements of the short film. The character of Joe is likeable and his strange yet exciting day at school is a storyline which keeps the viewer engaged as we want to know how his day is going to turn out. The dialogue is well-written and at times is laugh out loud funny. It’s hard not to smile at the ending which is abrupt but leaves a lasting impression.

Overall, Not the End of the World is a funny and relatable snapshot into an awkward and uncertain age which is made unique and engaging through its great script and animation.



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