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Not My Problem short film review


Directed by: #ShridharDevSharma


Not My Problem Movie Review

Trash is everywhere, floating around in our oceans, in piles the size of small islands, often owned by some kind of raccoon family who have created their own society and plan on over throwing our government.

So what’s the solution to this never ending pile of trash that we keep creating? Use the canvas bag, use the rubbish paper straws that we are now forced to endure, use the proper recycling bins! Do the things so we can live, and for god’s sakes has no one thought about the children!

Well, #filmmaker Shridhar Dev Sharma has, and in his new short film Not My Problem, he decided to take a look at the every growing problem of the country where he lives, India, which produces up to 62 million tons of waste a year.

Sharma tackles the subject with a short instrumental piece, gliding shots of the place he calls home, displaying the piles of waste that build up around its residents; from the bustling city streets to the beaches and riversides, we are thrust into what seems like a wasteland from a post apocalyptic video game.

We can see the beauty of the country shining through, desperate to break free and flourish, but it is trapped beneath the human consumption, short film Not My Problem shows the sheer disregard from the people who created the mess, and like the title says, it’s so easy just to say it’s not my problem, let someone else deal with it.

This eye opening short movie is well produced and shot with care and precision, it encourages us not to look directly at India’s waste issue, but more at our inability to take responsibility for a problem that we have caused. So next time you think that you need that 5p bag from Tesco’s, rummage deep, pull out that canvas shopping bag.



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