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My Lonely Me indie film review


Directed by Joe Scott

Starring Sabrina Dickens, Alexis Caley, Clare Langford & John Altman

Indie film review by Monica Jowett

Music comes together with untold secrets and ghosts from the past in this indie film from director Joe Scott. Reiga (Sabrina Dickens) is 21 years old and has a mysterious and troubled past. Haunted by visions of three people – a man, woman and young girl - along with songs about Reiga’s current emotional state and her experiences in life bring the young woman to find out their meaning.

Reiga is a talented music student and along with stress of upcoming exams and auditions she is confused by an image from her past. To reach her future goals in music she must first overcome the stress and secrets buried behind her, and so she seeks assistance from the nuns who took her in and raised her when she was seven, Mother Superior (Alexis Caley) and Sister Clare (Clare Langford). With help from a psychiatrist Dr. Tom (John Altman) she begins to realise she has no idea what has been happening to her; the accidents she is having and why she has had visions of people. Though she has sought help from others, we don’t know if they are trying to help her or hinder her from knowing the truth and everyone seems to be hiding something.

The story is slow moving, and Reiga’s past is revealed piece by piece, which adds to the suspense and thrill, but feels undeveloped or unexplained at times. Standing out is Dickens in the leading role. She captures the tormented and vulnerable side of Reiga but also shows the determination to uncover her past. She goes through an array of emotions in the course of the film and we are caught up with her as well. Supported by some veteran British actors who play their parts well, My Lonely Me however is let down by the stereotyping of minor roles.

Composer Andrew Simon McAllister brings the music to life and it feels like another character due to the prominence of music throughout the indie film. Dickens has a great voice that holds a lot of emotion, and each song carries on the story. Whether Reiga is dreaming the singing or does it herself, each piece is enjoyable to listen to.

With good performances and an entertaining music score, Joe Scott’s My Lonely Me is a solid piece of filmmaking, but the many plot twists in the story makes the film confusing at times and the overall outcome falls short of closure. Dickens stands out as her role as Reiga, and we hope to see more of her work.



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