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Milk short film review


Directed by: #TrishRainone

Written by: #TrishRainone


Trish Rainone’s Milk shows a scene in the life of couple Mark (Bobby Del Rio) and Jennifer (Trish Rainone). The plot revolves around the moments leading up to a disaster. The audience is flung into the messy life of the pair, as Mark searches the apartment for his keys, whilst Jennifer cooks. Mark has his head in the clouds and his mind elsewhere, while Jennifer is more grounded. However, despite their differences, the two are together, even if it does not seem too natural. The characters are likeable enough, and Mark is particularly relatable to those who are disorganised and forgetful, while Jennifer is relatable to loving girlfriends who have to look after or even babysit their other halves. The acting between the pair is slightly uncomfortable and lacks a certain aura of authenticity. Nonetheless, the acting is also very playful and upbeat, keeping the audience engaged, so it was not completely graceless. We understand the characters off the bat, and for the short time we are watching, the viewer already knows a lot about the two.

This is thanks to a well-written script, even if it was not executed to its full potential. The story is authentic – an experience we have all had; forgotten keys and being late for work. The story seems to fall apart after the midway mark, as it turns into what appears to be a montage of memories, which could be posted on someone’s social media on their birthday. The plot is almost absent, with the memory of an important conversation being one of the two plot devices. The montage follows this and with the fitting music, this scene was enough to make anyone cringe. The camerawork and editing were rather good in these shots, however.

It is not clear what Rainone is trying to illustrate with this film. At the end of the credits, she dedicates the film to the memory of someone she knows, perhaps a close friend or a lost love. Milk might be a true story which is personal to the Rainone’s life. This would mean that Milk is a very special story to Rainone, but one cannot help but wonder whether the simplicity in the film went too far to convey a story which meant a lot more to the director. Milk does not seem to take any huge risks or try anything new, but it is enjoyable and charismatic in its own way.



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