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Miles short film review


Directed by: Christopher Sampson

Written by: Christopher Sampson

Starring: Nathan Draman, Jye Whatson, Madi Jennings

Poster for Miles showing characters, beach and sky.
Movie Poster for Miles

An emotional story about three youths, who go on a road trip together.

Michael (Whatson) and his girlfriend Ashley (Jennings) go on a journey in their car. Accompanying them is their friend Edward (Draman), who is a homosexual. They end up on an isolated beach, where they discuss their emotions. Michael has recently suffered a tragedy and his girlfriend and friend are supporting him and helping him cope. Apart from being romantically involved with Ashley, Michael is also attracted to Edward, who shares the same feelings for him.

Sampson's tale deals with themes of regret, love, loss, self-discovery, and homosexuality. It explores the relationship the three protagonists have with one another and it is clear that they care for each other. They are very kind and tender and appear concerned regarding the other person's issues. The film shows how supportive Edward and Ashley are towards Michael and it also suggests that Michael is struggling with his sexuality.

The three protagonists deliver strong and emotional performances. Jennings is sympathetic as Michael's partner, who cares deeply for him and wants to be there for him as he deals with his loss. Draman is great as a person who tries to be Michael's shoulder to cry on and at the same time he is in love with him and wants his feelings to be returned. And Whatson is terrific in his portrayal of a person, who is grieving and plagued by regrets.

The score is gentle and poignant and goes well with the film's tone. The soundtrack contains great songs, that add significant value to this project.

Director Sampson does a wonderful job, creating breathtaking establishing shots. He also wrote a moving screenplay, with dramatic scenes and engaging characters. The editing is well structured and there is a montage sequence that makes effective use of jump cuts, fast motion and fast cutting.

This short film shows how much people need each other. It also suggests that they should be open with one another and be who they want to be.



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