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Mical short film review

Updated: Oct 9, 2020


Directed by: Yew Weng Ho

Written by: Malcolm Duffy

Starring: Jayne Lunn, William Biletsky, Dale Grant

Poster for Mical showing protagonist William Biletsky.
Movie Poster for Mical

Dyslexia is a serious disorder that can make a person's wellbeing very difficult.

Michael Jones (Biletsky) is dyslexic and is suffering gravely by it. He has a hard time reading and spelling and as a result he is an oucast at school and the victim of bullying. The teachers are unable to cope with his behaviour and he is forced to move from school to school. His parents Pat (Lunn) and Peter (Grant) are struggling to find a way to deal with their son's problem, but then Pat has an idea: she begins doing extensive research on dyslexia and she attempts to help Michael overcome his disorder by making him participate in word-related games and methods.

Based on a true story, this touching film does a great job in raising awareness for dyslexic individuals. It shows the kind of problems this disorder causes. Michael is unable to learn, has difficulties socializing, the school staff give up on him and he is bullied for being different. He also has nervous breakdowns. It truly is upsetting watching this little boy go through all this.

Biletsky delivers quite a believable and sympathetic performance as a troubled, dyslexic boy and Lunn is rather likeable as the mother who feels for him and is determined to help him.

The second half of the film is more uplifting, as it shows that there is hope. Pat manages to help her son beat dyslexia and decides to use her methods to help other children who have learning difficulties. It is very heartwarming seeing Michael hugging his parents after his victory and observing Pat as she sets off on a mission to help as many others as possible.

The film is very well directed and contains a wonderfully edited montage that jumps between scenes where Pat is doing her research or assisting Michael. The music includes a beautiful piece that consists of bells rigning and piano keys. And the addition of the song Sunny by Bobby Hebb adds wonderful qualities.

Mical has similarities to the 1992 film Lorenzo's Oil, about a couple who are seeking treatment for their son's rare disease and end up developing a treatment. So whoever fancies drama, struggle and victory at the end, then they should pursue this film.

Of course more than anything the purpose of Mical is to bring dyslexia to the world's attention. It want people to know what this disorder does to a person and that whoever is suffering from it should seek help.


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