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Meteorlight short film

Updated: Feb 21, 2019


Written, Directed and Animated by #JonnyEveson



#JonnyEveson’s animated sci-fi short film #Meteorlight was made as part of the #BFI’s Animation 2018 project. The result is a short film with a beautiful visual style, sumptuous score and a clever and thought-provoking moral behind its story. It’s an absorbing watch which successfully builds an alien world from scratch in its short running time.

The short film is set in an alien world where the people living in the city live in darkness. They rely on light orbs to survive, which are powered through a factory. A child discovers that his parent’s factory depends on a creature’s suffering to literally fuel these light orbs, which the people need to be able to live. He is then faced with the agonising decision as to whether he chooses to defy his father and stop this creature from enduring suffering, or do nothing to make sure that the people in the city still receive the light they rely on.

By considering how the characters in this world communicate with one another without speaking, #LindseyWilliams created a language specifically for the film which uses symbols rather than words. This clever and subtle addition to the film adds another layer and deeper meaning to the characters and the world created by Jonny Eveson. The fact that this #animation is a silent film allows for the score to take centre stage and heighten moments of tension and complement the visual look of the film. The black and white animation evokes a dark and brooding tone and adds to the dark nature of the secret being kept hidden in the factory. The #futuristic feel of the set pieces helps to capture this alien world and the animation brings this world fully to life.

In its short running time, Meteorlight is successful in capturing this alien world and transporting its audience into its story. It is impressive that all the elements of the production come together in such a way that make this animation a real triumph.


Watch the official movie trailer for Meteorlight below.



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