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Metanoia short film review


Directed by: Jacob Melling

Written by: Jacob Melling, Alexandra Rose Wilson

Starring: Alexandra Rose Wilson

Poster for Metanoia showing actress Alexandra Rose Wilson.
Film Poster for Metanoia.

Greece. A young woman embarks on a journey on foot, by herself. She is determined to get to a specific location. Melling's Metanoia takes the viewer through beautiful locations, as they follow the heroine and try to understand her purpose.

The story begins with her as she leaves a house and, wearing a black dress and holding a water bottle, a hand-drawn map and something very dear to her, she proceeds to make her way towards a place that is located on a small island. She passes through a quiet village, over many hills, trees and along the way she encounters an abandoned, rusty vehicle, an abandoned school and a half-demolished building, all which appear to be significant to her. She also injures her leg, yet keeps on going.

Basically this film is a journey. A journey filled with emotion and beauty. Wilson portrays a person who seems to have suffered a tragic loss. Although she tries to be strong, she is clearly in great emotional pain. The film's title means 'repentance' and that seems to be what she feels as she attempts to reach her destination and place an object of personal value there.

Melling perfectly captures the beauty of Greece. There are many wonderful shots of landscapes, beaches and a village, where the locals appear friendly. In addition the audience will have the pleasure of seeing cats, dogs, cows and a beautiful sunset. Their ears will also become familiar with the sound of crickets!

Crickets will not be the only thing heard. Barry Hudson-Taylor composed a terrific score that accompanies the story. The music is dramatic and touching and adds significant value.

Speech is rather limited, so the film communicates primarily through images. The flashbacks are important because they provide clues regarding the woman's past. When she gets to significant locations such as the old vehicle or the destroyed house, relevant flashbacks appear, indicating that these locations played a part in her past.

Metanoia clearly had a great deal of work and passion put into it. The viewer will be intrigued by the story and protagonist and mesmerized by the beauties of Greece that are graphically shown.



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