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Mark Of The Butterfly short film review


Directed by: Chris Carter

Written by: Chris Carter

Starring: Brittany Altenbach, Mary McCullough, Peri Susanne Jackson

Poster for Mark Of The Butterfly showing protagonist.
Poster for Mark Of The Butterfly

A woman is diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, which is a chronic and currently incurable illness of the immune system. She goes to great effort to deal with her condition, while simultaneously trying to pursue her demanding job.

Sarah Myers (Altenbach) is a successful district attorney, known for her drive and determination, who is being promoted to the position of South Carolina's State District Attorney. However, she is devastated to find out that she has lupus. Although at first she attempts to conceal it, eventually she seeks medical assistance and joins a support group for people who are living with the same condition as her. After a great deal of endeavours, including the loss of a loved one, she manages to stay strong, follow her career and help raise awareness of lupus.

This emotional drama operates like a documentary and focuses on how one person's life is affected by this disease and how they try to deal with it. It is a journey from desperation to determination and victory.

There are distressing scenes that show Sarah suffering from her condition and there are moving scenes in which she is being supported and comforted by her loved ones and the individuals in the support group. Sarah is often shown in a courtroom, questioning witnesses and pursuing her new job. There is also footage of people raising awareness of lupus. Particular acknowledgement should go to Sarah's powerful speech about living with her illness and encouraging people not to let it take over their lives. As she speaks her words turn into voice-over that accompanies a montage of various individuals or crowds as they raise awareness regarding this condition. This sequence also includes a powerful, dramatic score and it provides hope and support to people who are living with lupus.

This short is an inspiring story. It contains loss and struggle but also hope and courage. It raises awareness about lupus and offers support to the ones who are affected by it by encouraging them not to let their illness destroy their lives.


Trailer for Mark Of The Butterfly:


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