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March Edition of our UK Film Magazine

Film Feature by Chris Olson

Our Latest UK Film Magazine

The newest UK Film Magazine on the block released its second edition on March 1st. The UK Film Review Magazine has seen a great response from readers so far, accumulating a few new subscribers along the way.

As if any more incentive was needed, I wanted to just give anyone yet to pick up a copy a few reasons why they should part with a £1.

Exclusive Filmmaker Interviews

If you caught the sneak peek of the front cover we released on social media, you may have noticed one Jim Cummings at the bottom left. I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing the indie writer and director via Twitter. During our interview, we discussed his film, Thunder Road, and what the reaction has been like since it hit Netflix. He also chatted about his approach to filmmaking, funding, and his acting heroes.

I also interviewed rising star Nicole Pott about her short film Powerless, which UK Film Review critic Darren Tilby reviewed (the movie review is also available in the UK Film Magazine). Pott was a wonderful interviewee, giving plenty of insight into her writing process, as well as the types of films she hopes to make in the future.

BFI Film Events

Our coverage of the latest BFI season on filmmaker Jessica Hausner also made an appearance in the March magazine. There was also a couple of adverts for two upcoming BFI events: The BFI Flare Film Festival, as well as a season on the legendary Tilda Swinton.

Details of how you can attend those will be in the magazine, as well as in upcoming articles on the main UK Film Review website.

March Cinema Releases + Movie Reviews

Whilst you can find a ton of wonderful movie reviews on our website, in the March UK Film Review Magazine, we cherry pick a selection of the best ones you can see. These are movies due for UK release in March, and in this month’s edition we review And Then We Danced (which also made the front cover), The Photograph, Bacarau, and Radioactive. Check out the verdicts from our house critics to see which (if any) you want to check out in the cinemas this month.

We also throw in a terrific selection of short film reviews. This month saw a few brilliant movies come our way and our writers were happy to share their thoughts with our magazine subscribers.

There are also a couple of film reviews for movies on Netflix. Our Netflix writer, Charlotte Little, provides readers with a couple of hand-picked titles which you can find on the popular streaming service. Which ones? Well, you will need to pick up a copy of the newest, shiniest, and most supporting-indie-filmiest UK Film Magazine out there.



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