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Lover and the Sea Short Film Review


Directed by: #AliMoazen


Lover and the Sea is a short film about a young man and woman bound together by love; however, Leila is a married woman and is torn between her heart and her head and wishes to not betray her husband any further. Nevertheless, Leila’s lover believes the reason for her cutting their affair so short is because he is unable to please her sexually due to his dysfunction. The entirety of the film takes place on a lonesome beach, with only the sea to hear their dark secrets. Director Ali Moazen displays the true realities of love and the despair and travesty that it can summon. Moazen highlights that love does not always bring happiness and shows us the consequences that arise when one chooses to follow their heart, it does not always lead to the best outcome.

What works well within this short is the simplicity of it, although shot at one location being an exceptionally quiet and peaceful beach, it complements the narrative playing out on screen. It also helps to aid the storyline; the weather is gloomy and ominous creating this foreboding atmosphere. The audience instantly sense that the connection between the couple is filled with feelings of resentment and grief as the scene encompasses this dark undertone. This scene is the epitome of the perfect location, as it reflects as well as fuels the narrative projecting this sombre mood.

The couple look distressed and tired as if arguing night and day, it was clear that their relationship had grounded to a halt, and this was portrayed by their melancholic facial expressions. As the couple share this private moment with each other and discuss the end of their affair, they do not directly look each other in the eye, instead they speak and look out to the sea. As if unable to face the fact that their relationship is coming to this bitter end. Both actors conveyed this burnt love well, you could connect with the characters and relate to their circumstance as many of us have had to endure this uncomfortable and unwilling discussion with a lover.

I will not spoil the ending, but it is one that is unexpected and left open to interpretation. Lover and the Sea is a great short film which focuses heavily on the complexities that surround love and relationships. The story is primarily directed towards the couple and the life with which they are shielding from others. This film encourages the audience to debate right and wrong and this idea of being a moral human being and whether this can be disregarded when it comes to matters of the heart and love being at the crux of the situation.


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