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Lost Bond - Short Film Review


Poster for Lost Bond

The story of Lost Bond is built upon the inherit complexity of human nature and our ability to feel multiple, competing and contradictory emotions, all conveyed through the presence and actions of the ‘Silent Killer’, a character who personifies the dark shadows of a disturbed mind.

Beginning with intense cuts in the edit by Harry Steele, and an energetic synth score by Charles Mathias, Safia Kazim and James Grout Smith, Lost Bond throws you right into the dark shadows. But within those shadows, a spotlight is shining down on young mental health. The longest scene in the film is especially relatable in this tough time with the current world situation.

I found myself clicking a lot with the character of Ollie. The feeling of pure disconnect from anyone and everything, not wanting to communicate with certain people, not feeling like yourself anymore. In fact for a good 6 months of my 2020, I spent my days talking to newly made online friends, whom are now a special part of my life going forward. To speak on a personal experience, I made those friends on my Twitter account, which I recently deactivated and since doing that, my head and shoulders feel so much lighter. It’s okay to use something as a crutch, but don’t lean on that crutch too much because someday it’ll break. You must find a way back to reality, and as shown in Lost Bond, therapy is an option. A simple readjustment of your time allocated to certain activities can also help a ton, which is what I’ve been working on.

So, to speak more on the content within this incredible short film, I’d say it’s very accurate and authentic. The trio team of directors (Harry Boulton, Gabriel Goss & Jude Wakeley) have done a splendid job of creating that authenticity and the actors Ollie Palmer and Lucy Hunt share a wonderfully written scene together. The film is bookended by two dancers performing against a stunning backdrop, and the final shot lingers on the ‘dark passenger’ we all have lurking in the shadows. I think a lot of young people will see themselves in Lost Bond, and I think the COVID-19 outbreak has really become quite a challenge for many, especially the youth. The older generation might think we’re being dramatic or tell us not to worry because “you’re young” but, they don’t understand the battles we could be facing beneath our outer facade. I’m doing better now, but for others it could be very murky.

To put it simply, Lost Bond is a phenomenal film with an incredibly important message wrapped in dark themes. And as we move forward with this gleaming hope of a vaccination and life returning to ‘normal,’ I think it’s time, as the film says, to start a conversation.



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