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Lost Between the Trees short film review


Directed by: Ambz Negro

Written by: Ambz Negro

Starring: David Farrell, Paulie Kren

Poster for Lost Between the Trees showing protagonist.
Movie Poster for Lost Between the Trees

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to deal with their inner struggles.

A young man wakes up in the woods. He is by himself, wearing formal clothes and appears to be upset and confused. He is lost and attempts to find his way back. He comes across a backpack, which contains several belongings of his, such as a flashlight, his wallet and his mobile phone. He listens to a message on his phone, revealing that he had stormed out of his father's funeral and ended up in the forest. The film follows him as he tries to return back to where he came from, while at the same time deals with his emotions.

This short drama could be described as a combination between Castaway (2000) and The Blair Witch Project (1999), but without the horror elements. A person is lost and by themselves in the forest. Apparently, his main purpose is to get to civilization and he goes through a great deal doing so. At one point, the hero gets badly injured and there is quite a lot of blood to be seen as a result. With these in mind, the film could be categorized as an adventure.

The protagonist is the only person seen in the film and he delivers a strong performance. He convincingly brings his character to life, portraying a troubled young man who is grieving the loss of his father and does not seem to know how to come to terms with it. During the film, he also experiences physical pain, due to his injury and the anguish he goes through is quite realistic.

The film has an interesting soundtrack. At some scenes the music is tense and dramatic, sounding like a violin been played vividly. At others, a hard rock song is heard. The editing techniques are well executed, making effective use of jump cuts during a head-shaving scene and fast cutting towards the end. There are also beautiful establishing shots of nature.

Lost Between the Trees is an emotional story that explores themes off grief, isolation and emotional struggle. Although it is not quite clear what the main message is, it offers an experience worth pursuing.



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