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Loophole short film review


Directed by: Ethan Jahan

Written by: Ghazi Rabihavi

Starring: Mamad Heidari, Amir Hosseini, Alex Moradi

Poster for Loophole showing protagonists.
Poster for Loophole

A dark, tense and dramatic story about a man being interrogated and brainwashed.

A young prisoner (Hosseini) is brought into a special room, filled with medical equipment. He is chained up, is wearing a hospital gown and appears to be upset and frightened. In the room with him are a doctor (Heidari) and his assistant (Moradi), both dressed in white coats. The doctor explains to the inmate that he is being accused of murder during a protest, although he claims that he did not kill anyone. The doctor also tells him that an enemy has used the internet and media to put ideas into his mind, causing him to have tendencies that make him riot and protest. He is then forcibly given an injection containing substances that make him obedient and the doctor takes advantage of this by putting words into his mouth, while the assistant records the now barely conscious man's confession.

This short raises awareness regarding a truth serum called thiopental, as it contains a text claiming that some countries utilize the drug in order to force untrue confessions from captives and broadcast them on television. The tone is rather upsetting and things become more and more distressing as the prisoner is injected and loses his mind.

The entire narrative occurs inside the interrogation room and from start to finish the atmosphere is quite unpleasant, not giving much indication that things are going to work out well for the imprisoned man.

Hosseini delivers a great performance as a terrified and vulnerable individual, who becomes victim of a vile plan to turn him into a scapegoat. Heidari is convincing as an intelligent, patient, methodical and manipulative man.

The filmmakers make effective use of slow motion and the sinister score creates a feeling of dread, which goes well with the plot.

Loophole is an achievement worthy of attention. With well-written dialogue and strong acting, it presents the reality of a very inhuman occurrence.



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