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Loo short film

Directed by Stanislava Buevich

Starring Tallulah Sheffield, William Ludwig, John Bulleid, and Tamarin McGinley

Short Film Review by Evie Brudenall

Loo. A horrifyingly dark and funny two and a half minute short from the mind of Stanislava Buevich – a budding filmmaker with a unique, albeit warped, vision.

A date should be filled with many things, such as romantically charged moments, mood-setting candle light and tantalising dishes. However, a date should not include the uncertainty of whether or not your partner will return from their trip to the toilet.

The attractive couple engage in flirtatious banter – chemistry is clearly fizzling and a next date is definitely on the cards. Perhaps even the development of a relationship is possible. The unnamed woman (Tallulah Sheffield) excuses herself from the table to powder her nose, but her brief moment of reprieve is interrupted by an intensely upset woman in the cubicle next door. Sheffield’s performance and reactions to the hysterical restaurant-goer are wonderfully comedic and naturalistic as she can’t help but snigger at the dramatic nose-blowing but still shows curious concern.

However, as the woman’s hearty sobs cease, Sheffield’s character goes to investigate and finds the toilet overflowing with water – but the cubicle is empty. She leaves the clinically white-tiled bathroom and returns to the dining area which boasts a warm and mood-lit scene thanks to the impeccable lighting design and cinematography. The changing visual landscape, along with the shifting tone, is acutely controlled and Buevich makes the most of the tight running time.

Shocking and bizarre, Loo has a reveal that is both satisfying and repulsive in equal measure. It’s short, but definitely not sweet.


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