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Little Hands Short Film Review


Directed by: #RémiAllier


Little Hands Movie Review

Little Hands (Les Petites Mains) is a brilliantly directed film by Rémi Allier, which was able to create a huge impact through a small individual; a toddler to be more specific! This film explores a child’s view on the violence and uprising from factory workers who have lost their jobs, highlighting the desperation of one of their workers who believes he is able to negotiate a deal with his boss by abducting his child. The film slowly unfolds to reveal a breakdown from that worker, Bruno, whose anger and hostility takes him to the edge. The audience eventually are exposed to a sweeter and fragile man who has been forced to commit a drastic act in order to provide for his family.

The majority of the film is from the child’s perspective, his fear and curiosity and simple viewpoint of the anger and struggles happening around him, becomes illuminated when through the eyes of a child and adds to the panic and chaos of the scene. It is the child who completely mesmerises Bruno (the kidnapper) his fears and worries are completely washed over as he sits and calmly watches the child explore the forestry and berries around them.

This short film was brilliantly written as it raised a lot of emotions as well as placing a spotlight on serious issues. It highlighted to what extent a human can go to in order to save themselves or family. It was interesting to see how the emotional side or even the rational side of beings are supressed and ignored when faced with pressurised situations, it was the desperation which overcame Bruno’s senses completely.

The short, sharp cuts really added emphasis to the frantic and crazy scenes that were happening on screen, it fed into the anxiety of the characters. If you do choose to watch this short, you do feel for both the toddler and kidnapper which is unusual as this is never really the case from an audience. The audience are often encouraged to feel empathy for the victim as they are the ones in danger. However, both victim and kidnapper are confused and are both wrapped up in an unpredictable scenario that can cause harm to each of them. However, what was sweet was that it was the child that managed to produce a calming aura and allowed a stressful Bruno to breathe and come to his senses.

What made this short film so captivating was the range of emotions that were portrayed throughout. From anger and hostility to pain and upset and then finishing with content and calmness. It was truly a masterpiece and I highly recommend. A beautifully written story that will have you on the edge of your seat to at the brink of tears!



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