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Line of Sight short film review

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Directed by: Spencer Anderson

Written by: Jamie B-Brown

Starring: Bertie Taylor Smith, Holly Ashman

Poster for Line of Sight showing still images from film.
Movie Poster for Line of Sight

Sometimes people have difficulties expressing their feelings and communicating.

Francis (Smith) is a lonely young man, who is in love with Erica (Ashman), who works at a cinema. He follows her around town and takes pictures of her without her consent. He then places the photos on a wall, inside his home. Eventually, he builds up the courage to approach her.

Although the film begins as a creepy stalker thriller, the tone becomes more lighthearted as the story progresses. He is just a person who wants to find love and be happy, although that does not justify him following someone around and photographing them.

The film gains by convincing acting. Smith is great in his portrayal of an individual who is shy, troubled and struggling with his condition. He is in love and wants a relationship but does not know how to achieve that. Ashman also does a good job as a person who is cheerful and friendly.

Anderson does a fantastic job with the direction. He creates beautiful shots of nature and a lot of face closeups ensuring the viewer has an idea what the characters might be thinking. There are sequences where voice-over, slow motion and fast cutting techniques are used to great effect. The mood of the music changes throughout the film. At times it is tender and beautiful and then it is atmospheric or even sinister.

This short story raises awareness for important themes and is a piece of work that deserves praise and recognition.



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