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Khazana indie film review

Updated: Jun 10, 2020


Directed by: Rahul Nath

Written by: Rahul Nath, Noah Potter

Starring: Ulka Simone Mohanty, Ahmed Lucan, Shruti Tewari, Reem Kadem

Indie Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


Khazana Movie Review

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, has there ever been a more truthful phrase? You see us ladies, well let’s just say we don't let heartbreak go so easily. I for one love a bit of revenge, I like to take all the batteries out of the remotes in my enemy’s home and watch the chaos unfold...pure evil.

Feature film Khazana is the tale of a lady who wants to get her revenge, not just on the man in her life but a whole host of family and friends associated with him, and why? Well, simply put, they all massively suck.

Our leading lady (Ulka Simone) is trapped in a controlling and loveless marriage, one with a man who not only manipulates his wife but those close to him in order to make her life a living hell; an evil mother-in-law promotes his actions, sexy co-workers who flaunt their affair in front of this weakened housewife, and a therapist who clearly has never understood the concept of a professional relationship with his clients.

Our wife is played in a way whereby we do not see her as weak, she is obviously beaten down wherever she turns, we are able to understand and connect with her struggles, to see her as a doormat would not hold strong, considering the actions she chooses to take.

After months of being lied to, beaten and deceived, she decides to seek her revenge on not only the husband but the whole cast of idiots who plague her life, and rightly so, but she does it in a manner that displays cunning and a strength that has always been inside her.

Each character is written in a style which feels a trope in an environment such as this, but that aside they all have a purpose to create the perfect storm, their actions and personalities build the foundations for allowing the audience to empathise with the abuse on screen, but also to empathise towards the murders at the end.

The audience is encouraged to see her as the final girl in a #horror film, the one we want to win, the one we want to see take down the villain, and take them down she does.

As a movie, Khazana is well-written and executed in a manner that is respectful and understanding to some very delicate subjects; spousal abuse and gaslighting can never easily be portrayed as they come in so many forms but director Rahul Nath covers the many lights in which it can present itself in, creating a wide spectrum of emotional responses for the audience to feel and connect with.

Overall this film is a rollercoaster of violence to detest and violence to celebrate, held together by a cast who cannot be faulted in their delivery, and writing which is engaging and enjoyable.


Khazan is currently available to rent on the UK Film Channel.

Watch the Movie Trailer below.


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