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Jones short film review


Directed by: #StaceyMaltin


Jones short film poster
Jones short film poster

Marzy, Marzy Marzy Hart, what ya doing to me, coming around here with your abilities and skills, producing, writing and acting...making your movies for me to absorb through my eyes and then revel in your’s threatening to me, how you can achieve so much, pull off three accomplishments in a’s almost like you’re a ...TRIPLE THREAT, ooooh I said it.

Damn, these triple threats, I can’t help but praise them, or find lavish and over the top ways on which to introduce them, so the question now is: what does Miss Hart have to offer us, and will her triple threat skills be enough to secure her a place in the coveted triple threat club? I mean we have jaffa cakes’s pretty exclusive guys.

Jones is a short film that chronicles a young woman’s battle with alcohol addiction. We start on our journey with her on the dark streets of her hometown, no not after kick out from the local bar, not after a night out on the town, just a girl and her ragtag gang of friends drinking from the bottle in a wasteland...looks like a fun night in all honesty.

But soon her boyfriend, back alley drinking friend, (estate agent?) tries to not let her drive her push bike home drunk [drink driving, get it? What a comedian he is] and a fight ensures she decides enough is enough, no more waking up covered in taco meat and piss for this lady...again sounds like a fun night.

She gobbles up them AA meetings like tic tacs, and rather than getting wasted, she takes to jogging, running the streets at night in order to distract herself from the ever present desire to go back to her old taco meat covered ways.

She visualises her moment of relapse, laying on the floor, pouring the sweet juice all over her face, the scene is almost biblical, like a baptism, the look of joy and relief on her face is that of pure ecstasy. Like a moment of holy alignment with Christ, showing us the power that some addictions have over people...not unlike myself and jaffa cakes.

Jones explores not just addition but the struggle that comes after recovery, the constant longing that those who have come out the other side will forever feel, that fear of falling off the wagon.

As someone who has come through the other side of addiction I can tell you Jones packs a very real punch...druggies are well tempting to say the least.

This is a professional, stylish and cool #shortfilm, with acting and writing to complement the visuals. Jones takes us to the other side of the typical addiction/recovery tale we are so used to seeing and delves into the mental struggles that come along for the ride, like a buy one get one free, but on misery.



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