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It's Good to See You Again short film review

Updated: Jun 10, 2020


Directed by: Kundan Sad

Written by: John Porter

Starring: Adhyayan Summan, Maera Mishra

It's good to see you again movie poster
It's good to see you again movie poster

It's Good to See You Again is a short film directed by Kundan Sad and written by John Porter. The plot focuses on the relationship between a young girl named Maera (Maera Mishra) and a young man named Vihaan (Adhyayan Summan).

The story begins with Maera looking to buy wine in a shop, when she encounters Vihaan. A series of flashbacks throughout the film that show the couple on sitting on a beach, reveals that the two were in a relationship but have now broken up. In the shop sequence, they catch up with each other and appear to be happy to see each other, before Vihaan reluctantly departs, leaving Maera upset. Vihaan is then walking outside, when he turns and sees Maera standing still, looking at him. The two then embrace and kiss and it is strongly implied that they will live happily ever after together before the film ends.

It's Good to See You Again is in a nutshell a love story between two individuals who break up then get together again. The film has a nonlinear narrative because, as mentioned above, the story constantly cuts between the couple chatting in the shop and sitting on the beach. The scenes on the beach provide key information to the narrative, as they reveal that the two used to be in a happy relationship and that, as Maera realizes that she needs to go to an appointment as she works in the real-estate business, her job got in the way of their relationship and resulted in their separation. The end of their relationship can also be seen as the first plot point of the film, because the breakup resulted in the encounter in the shop. The encounter then results in the second plot point which occurs Vihaan informs Maera that he is single and at that point they both realise they still want to be with one another.

One strength of the film that needs to be noted is the score. The beautiful, gentle melody that is heard throughout the film successfully captures the couple's romance and plays a key role to the film's ending, particularly when Vihaan is walking outside and as he turns around to see Maera, Darryl Grant's piece 'It's Good to See You Again' plays, serving as a metaphor that it is fortunate to see her going after him, as she wants to be with her as he wants too.

Apart from the individuals seen from a distance dining in the opening shot and the ones seen in the background in the final scene, Vihaan and Maera are the only two people in the film. This could also serve as a metaphor that they are the only two people in the world and that they only have eyes for each other and were therefore meant to be together.

In conclusion, with the exception of performances that give the impression that they could had been more convincing, It's Good to See You Again is a heart-warming, feelgood film that captures the audience with it's affectionate music and happy ending.



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