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Introspectum Motel film review


Directed by: Marcel Dorian

Written by: Ian Armer, Amanda Webster, Marcel Dorian

Starring: Marcel Dorian, Joseph Steyne, Michelle J. Wright, Gabriela Brinza

Poster for Introspectum Motel showing motel and character.
Movie Poster for Introspectum Motel

When a person cheats on their other half, it usually leads to consequences. And those consequences tend to be bad news for the ones who commit adultery. There have been many films that deal with these issues and Introspectum Motel is one of them.

Philippe (Dorian) is a successful businessman and married to Susan (Wright). He goes away on a business trip and checks in at a motel. There he meets Camille (Brinza), with whom he has been having an affair with. The two of them are then taken prisoners inside the motel by people who want them to pay for their unacceptable, selfish behavior.

This thriller is very well directed and has a well structured screenplay. The characters are interesting, the plot will keep the audience wondering what is going to happen next and the confrontation dialogue is intense and well-written. There are also unpredictable plot twists and quite a lot of swearing!

The film gains by outstanding performances. Dorian is great in his portrayal of an unlikable, determined man, who does not respect others, uses profanity and is unwilling to take responsibility for his actions. His captors are also very convincing as individuals who are greatly angered by his infidelity and have decided to make sure he does not get away with it.

The story's strongest part is the way the way the captors interact with Philippe, after they have confined him. He spends the majority of the movie tied up on a chair, verbally insulting them, while they mock him, attempt to make him understand the seriousness of his bad choices and make it more and more clear that they are going to make sure he regrets what he has done.

It should be pointed out that there is quite a lot of material that is likely to offend. As mentioned, there is a great deal of cursing and quite a lot of nudity and intercourse scenes. The protagonists have many scenes where they are mean to each other, using very heavy insults!

Generally this is a very well made film that focuses on unfaithfulness. Very strong acting and a compelling story, along with music that creates a suspenseful atmosphere make this feature worthy of a lot of praise and recognition.



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