Interview with filmmakers Evie Brudenall and Mia Shaw

Filmmaker Interview

As part of their film crowdfunding campaign to get their new short film The Situation made, director Evie Brudenall and writer Mia Shaw discuss some of the details about their film and why they want to make it.

How would you describe your current project, The Situation, to a new audience?

M: ‘The Situation’ is a fun-filled comedy about a deadbeat, sitcom-obsessed slacker called Todd who wakes up one day to find his world has been transformed into a sitcom. His housemates are comic versions of their former selves, he hears canned laughter, and his house looks like a TV studio set. The poor guy!

E: He’s utterly confused by this abrupt change, but he soon realises that he is living his dream and begins to relish his new lifestyle!

What was the reason you wanted to make this film and tell this story?

E: As soon as Mia pitched this idea, we were all immediately hooked by its premise and the comedic opportunities. Mia and I have very similar sensibilities and interests when it comes to comedy so I knew that this was the perfect project to direct.

M: I wanted to tell this story because I think it will be hugely entertaining. Sitcom is such a popular and vast genre, that it will be great fun to parody the conventions we see in these shows.

What is the money for and how can people help?

E: The money we raise will go towards making the best quality film we can. The main cost for our film will be on the set we need to build, to make the transformation from the everyday world to the sitcom world much clearer.

M: The money raised will also go towards costumes, props, provisions for the actors, etc. People can help by giving whatever sized donation they can and by sharing our social media pages to get the buzz going about this exciting project!

E: However, if you donate, you’ll also be eligible to claim for a reward that is dependent on the size of the pledge. You can donate by heading over to our ‘The Situation’ YuStart page:

How do you feel about CrowdFunding?

E: CrowdFunding is imperative to students and independent film-makers who want to get their project produced and it allows us to show just how passionate we are about making our film a reality. It also creates a sense of pride between those involved in the actual making of the film and the donators; through everyone’s efforts and involvement, a great story can be told.

M: I think CrowdFunding is a very useful way of getting donations for any project. Because social media has proliferated greatly, it is an incredibly effective way of getting our film out far and wide. The rewards scheme that we’ve mentioned is also a great way of showing our appreciation of people’s kind donations.

What’s the hardest thing about making a film in 2017?

M: I would say that the competition amongst filmmakers is so strong. There is copious talent in the industry, especially amongst up-and-coming filmmakers, so I suppose you really just need a lot of gumption to get your voice heard.

E: It can also be a long and complicated process as you have to strike a balance between making a film with as little money as you can without sacrificing its quality or level of professionalism.

Who are your inspirations?

M: I’m a fan of British comedy so Graham Linehan, Ricky Gervais and Edgar Wright are big influences. I enjoy many genres but at the end of the day I think nothing beats a good laugh.

E: I love the comedy in Noah Baumbach films like Mistress America and The Meyerowitz Stories and Armando Ianucci and Taika Waititi’s work. For this particular short film though we’re looking more at American sitcoms like Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and Frasier.

What’s next for you?

M: The world.

E: I concur.

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