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Interview with filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri - Cactus

Aneek Chaudhuri director of movie Cactus
Aneek Chaudhuri director of movie Cactus

What is your film about?

Cactus is about the personification of God. The film focuses on Christ era, and the eras that succeed and precede it. Cactus comments on feminity of Christ, and Christ's crucifixion leading to his nirvana depicted through Pieta, an artform by Michelangelo.

Why did you what to tell this story?

I wanted to reflect on the established western traditions and beliefs that are not much questioned. Moreover, it is high time to scrutinize ancient establishments that needs to be corrected.

What are the hazards of trying to make a film about this subject matter?

I could not get a single producer from any of the developed nations and my pitching got numerous rejections from west as it is highly controversial. Moreover, even our country was not ready to accept such a topic as the film is monotonous as per them.

What were the obstacles in getting it made?

Finance turned out to be a major obstacle and it will be vast on distributing the film as well. We are prepared for it.

How do you plan to get this film out there? How can people see it?

First of all, I am planning to target film fests followed by a probable online distribution later this year.

Did you have any particular influences when planning/making Cactus?

I was highly influenced by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Speaking of any particular filmmaker, Mani Kaul had inspired me a lot.

What's next for you after Cactus?

Well, I have a few projects lined up; one of them is a dark comedy and a sensitive drama as well. But before everything, I would like to research more on prisoners.



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