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Interview: Saudi filmmakers hit comedy Sattar

By Chris Olson

I was thrilled to be contacted recently by a PR company representing the Saudi Arabian film Sattar. Not only that, two of the stars - Ibrahim Al Hajjaj and Ibraheem Alkhairallah - we available to have a chat about their movie that seems to be playing a big game. Couple this with the film's premise about a man looking to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, and I was indeed in heaven.

Watch my filmmaker interview below:

During the interview, it was great to learn more about the films that are popular in Saudi as well as why Sattar came to be. As a lover of comedy films and of wrestling movies (Fighting With My Family being a great example), Sattar seemed like a terrific entryway into this world.

The film itself is full of laughs but also pathos. The central character Saad has a lot of personal issues and it is the outlet of wrestling and the new friends he makes along the way that make it a really endearing journey.

When we recorded the filmmaker interview, Sattar was just on the cusp of becoming the 5th highest grossing Saudi film of all time! Which is an amazing feat and I feel truly honoured to have been involved with it's UK release. The film is due to play at a selection of Odeon cinemas, so if you can find a screening near you, I would really recommend it.

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Image by Ilias Chebbi

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