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Interactive Harry Potter Movie Quiz!

Movie Quiz by UK Film Review

Film Feature by #ChrisOlson

Do you think you know your Gringotts from your Grindlows? Got a handle on your Rickmans and Radcliffes? Well, it's time to put the Sorting Hat on at separate the wizards from the muggles.

UK Film Review, not only happy to provide some of the best movie reviews and trailers around, want to provide joy to our loyal readership. And what better way than by creating an interactive Harry Potter movie quiz for all to enjoy? Via the wonders of YouTube, we have created a series of videos linked by the answers in the description. Click the wrong answer at your peril.

If you success and click the correct answer in the video's description you will be taken to the next question - until the last one (p.s. there are 20 in total in case you start wondering).

As with all things great and beautiful, please do SHARE with your friends. The quiz is based on Harry Potter and the movies, so even if they only like one of those things (rare but they are out there) then they should still get a kick out it.

So, wands at the ready...(make sure you watch via YouTube in order to see the description).


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