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I’ve Heard This Before – Short film review


Directed by: #Lewis Benjamin Peck and #ChristopherWalthorne

Created by: #Lewis Benjamin Peck

Short film review by: Brian Penn


So here’s the deal; how many movie quotes can you cram into 11 minutes 35 seconds of screen time. The answer is 112 in this annoyingly clever film shot in glorious black and white. Your mission should you decide to accept it, is to identify as many quotes as possible. By the way, that’s not in there; well I couldn’t possibly make it too easy?

Café owner Jeff (Richard Kiess) opens the shop to another grey, uninspiring day. But wait a moment, the enigmatic Stella (Isabella Inchbald) strolls in demanding a table. Jeff’s interest peaks when Johnny (Louis Hill) enters; it becomes the setting for one of those conversations between two lovers. It’s the emotional showdown played out hundreds of times on the silver screen. Jeff can’t help but stir the pot as the pair survey a failing relationship.

Stringing together classic movie lines might appear to be a relatively simple task. But it has to form a reasonable narrative and executed with the right timing. They clear both hurdles with consummate ease as the quick fire delivery carries the story along. The viewer quickly enters pub quiz mode as the lines come thick and fast. Smugness took over as I comfortably ticked off the first half dozen. Then the wall intervenes; oh I know that one, what is it!? Panic sets in as you miss the next three or four. You begin to wonder if gestures, expressions or mannerisms count. It’s a challenge as the deepest recess of your memory is dredged. It’s brilliantly executed and well-acted by a cast who obviously get a kick out of it. But it also pays tribute to the enjoyment films have provided over the years; how memorable dialogue can enter our own vocabulary, and provide a common reference point for anyone who loves films. It's great fun and guarantee you will watch this more than once.


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