I am Going to Kill Someone this Friday film review


Directed by: Durden Godfrey

Written by: #DurdenGodfrey, #TaureanRoyal and #JaredRush

Starring: #ThomasSiedle, #TraciLNewman, #CamsonAlevy, #TaureanRoyal and #ScottBroughton

Indie Film Review by: #HarryKing

I am Going to Kill Someone this Friday film review

With indie film I Am Going To Kill Somone This Friday, director Durden Godfrey gives the audience a mysterious thriller about a man who reaches boiling point on his repetitive ordinary life.

The main character Robert Partridge (Thomas Siedle) starts everyday staring at his alarm clock before it goes off. Already changed and set to start the day with breakfast with his family – wife Georgette (Traci L. Newman) and son Bobby (Camson Alevy). Starting the film at the end of the story and having to go back living the events of Monday – Friday is a compelling watch for the audience. Each day starts the same so the audience can get a real sense and feel of how dull and uneventful his life really is. That is until Friday, where it all changes…

I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday is better than most #indiefilms because of the planning and patience that has gone into making it, along with using the most out of a limited budget with ideal set locations, cast and crew. I can tell that the filmmaker Godfrey, along with his team of producers and assistants have spent a lot of time in pre-production making sure the premise of this film is solid - this is where it can be hit and miss unfortunately.

The psychedelic side to the character and the story can become a bit unnecessary because of how much it is used. However, it is successful at making Robert seem like he’s going insane and seeing people who aren’t really there. Unfortunately, there are too many montages and quick cut scenes which do not make sense to the viewer and the narrative of the story.

Having said that, Godfrey does extremely well when the time comes to scaring the audience and putting them on the edge of their seats and making them feel uncomfortable. This is due to the brilliant acting from Siedle when he is being creepy and unpredictable. The use of the score by Doctor Jones keeping in time with the rhythm on screen and using appropriate notes and sounds for each scene. Whether its eerie high pitched or thrilling quick tempo it will always have an effect on how the film is perceived by the audience. Having the skills as an editor to produce and match up the right shot with the right sounds can make or break a scene and whether or not the audience will feel the true intent from the director which thankfully Godfrey managed to do.

With any film, especially a limited budget indie film, the acting is always going to be a concern because of the lack of money to bring in talent. However, Siedle brings his A-game for this film with some impressive scenes and quite nervy and menacing moments, which keeps the audience’s eyes focused on him and forever think will he eventually kill someone on Friday. Not everyone in the film is quite on the same level as Siedle which brings the overall film down and some of the scenes with Siedle too. Robert (Siedle) is at his best when he is the only one speaking in the room, like when he is giving a speech to his colleagues or telling his son about his childhood bully. It’s in these moments when he owns the room and owns everyone and everything inside, he becomes simply frightening but brilliant to watch.