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Hostel Part 2 film review


Directed by: Eli Roth

Written by: Eli Roth

Starring: Lauren German, Eli Roth, Bijou Philips and Heather Matarazzo

Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


Hostel: Part 2 Movie Review

Ah 2007, the debut of the iPhone, Paris Hilton served 23 days in jail, and a bunch of writers in America went on strike causing television shows to really suck..ahem Lost. And while this was all going down, Hostel: Part 2 was released, and people watched it, and now in 2020 so have let’s talk about it.

Hoster Part 2 film poster
Hoster Part 2 film poster

If we remember last week I spoke about how immensely stupid everyone was in the first Hostel film, they dry-humped ladies, they gave over passports to complete strangers, they smoked week, did shots and made me want to kill myself, so to say I was hopeful for a change of pace in Part 2 would, of course, be a lie.

I wasn't looking for the characters to be whipping out their copies of Dickens and discussing the economy but I hoped no one would give their passport to a stranger...20 mins in, boom that happened...goddammit.

Hostel: Part 2 follows three women (why always three? Can we not vacation in bigger groups?) who head to Europe to take in the sights and relax after a busy school year, only one of them is hungry for getting laid so that gives the other two some time to have a personality developed on screen, not a lot but you know - I learned their names I guess.

Like the first Hostel film, it’s not long before they start to get picked off one by one and of course, they all end up in the weird factory-of-killing-by-rich-people place, I'm sure that's the actual address on google maps.

So what's different, why should I watch? Is that not the same story as the first movie just with ladies? Yes, yes it is, but inter-spliced within the repetitive story is the other side of the coin because Hostel: Part 2 also follows two men who have won the bid to get to kill these ladies...spicy.

They are rich, they play golf, they jog, they hate there wives, they are everything you expect of men who want to kill women for fun [ I'm sure divorce would of actually been cheaper but hey who knows what men are thinking, the I phone had just come out, shit was wild back then] there is a fun dynamic, one is super keen and the other has reservations, they go through the whole process, answering all the questions we as the viewer had left over from the first film.

This storyline really is the saving grace to this film, for without it I would have checked out by the time those passports exchanged hands, and although the set up of character and the inevitable switch of the more reserved guy being the worse one when it comes to killing, it’s still engaging to watch the process that they go through in order to be able to pay to kill someone.

Hostel: Part 2 brings nothing new to the table, and for a film that has Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth credited, I was hoping for a little more, even if it was from a sequel. To go into watching any of these films with high hopes would be silly, at the end of the day these are gore porn flicks, and they certainly fulfil the needs of the audience in that regard, so you kind of cant fault it, Hostel: Part 2 does what it says on the tin, stupid people get murdered in stupid ways, I mean you could watch this film on mute and still have a perfect understanding of the storyline.

I am slowly starting to enjoy watching stupid people just walk right into their own murder, the dumb mistakes of the naive keep me watching, and with Part 3 next on my list for Throwback Thursday, I'm sure to feel satisfied. Like I had eaten a whole trifle, not good, a bit bloated, but still satisfied...but I swear to god of they give their passports to anyone I'm going to fucking riot.



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