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Holding These Moments documentary review


Directed by: Dan Elswick

Starring: Aaron Bedard, Zach Jordan, Aaron Dalbec, Bobby Mahoney, Peter Chilton

Poster for Holding These Moments showing performer and crowd.
Poster for Holding These Moments

Time for some hard music. A documentary about the American hardcore punk band Bane, which was formed in Worcester, Massachusetts and was active from 1995 until 2016, when it disbanded. The film explores their final tour and reveals how the band was formed, who the performers are, how successful the band became, why it came to an end and the challenges that the band members faced. Generally, it tells the story of Bane from start to finish and it makes for a rather interesting viewing.

The film consists of many photos showing Bane and other bands performing in front of a crowd, pictures of the band members from various stages of their career, some of which are in black-and-white. There is plenty of footage that shows Bane and various other bands performing aggressively to an out-of-control audience, including concerts that took place decades ago. The band members are also shown while on tour, traveling from one location to the next and engaging in a variety of activities.

There is a great deal of footage throughout that shows members of the band being interviewed. The interviewees also include people who had been part of the band at various stages, musicians and fans. All of the individuals who give interviews come across as intelligent and likable and together, they explain how they contributed to Bane, how significant its creation has been to the music industry, why they are passionate about music, what life is like being part of a band and how it all came to an end due to the performers' commitments.

Unsurprisingly, since this is a documentary about a hardcore punk band, there is plenty of that kind of music to be heard, particularly as the film often shows footage of live performances.

The creative editing is the work of Ricardo Cozzolino and the result is fantastic.

Sometimes, when a song is heard, letters show the lyrics and there are animated sequences that depict the route the band takes during its tour on a map.

Holding These Moments is a very well made and informative achievement. It pays tribute to Bane, the persons who collaborated in order to bring it to the world and to hardcore punk in general. It also provides an insight into life as a band member, revealing the rewards and challenges such a lifestyle brings. This documentary is a must-see for fans who appreciate this music genre.


Trailer for Holding These Moments:


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