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Haunt short film review


Directed by: Nikki Born

Written by: Nikki Born, Marc Sedaka

Starring: Carly Stewart, Mathew Herman, Melanie Glickman

Film Poster for Haunt showing main character.
Film Poster for Haunt.

Ever wanted to work in a spooky attraction as an 'undead' performer?

Trick or treat! It's Halloween! Time for some scares, frightening faces and blood (fake blood that is).

Things are not going too well for shop worker Nora (Stewart). A customer fools her, grabs money from her till and flees. Her obnoxious, manipulative boss Dan (Herman) gives her two options if she wants to keep her job: give him the amount that was stolen by tomorrow or sleep with him and all will be forgotten. She chooses the first one. Luckily her friend Marie (Glickman) informs her that they are hiring people for one night at a local walk-through haunted attraction. Nora agrees, goes to the location, has herself dressed up as a zombie (or something similar) but finds herself unable to frighten the customers. Then things take an unexpected turn.

To put it simply: Haunt is a fun film. It is a wacky comedy, filled with awkward situations. Stewart is very entertaining as a simple girl who unwillingly gets herself into trouble and the viewer will want her to get herself out of it. Her personality and cartoonish face expressions, particularly when she is trying to be scary, are highly amusing. Herman is also great as the offensive, sex-obsessed boss who also serves as the antagonist. And the rest of the blood-splattered performers are also fun to watch, along with the unimpressed and annoyed customers.

As most of the action takes place at the spooky attraction, the mise-en-scene consists of plenty of gory make-up, awesome-looking costumes, frightening sets and the light required in order to create a scary atmosphere. All these elements combined create a location that one would like to actually visit.

Another feature that adds wonderful qualities to the film is the music. The opening credits include a spooky score and a howling, making it clear that the audience is in for a fright. The score that is heard throughout the film is very fitting and resembles the works of composer Danny Elfman.

Haunt is a funny and uplifting story and is bound to make people laugh and get them into the Halloween spirit. A definitive must-see for anyone looking for a good time.



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